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Windgap Foundation

Artist Eco T-shirt - Designed by Ralph

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Limited edition unique upcycled eco t-shirt with a digitally printed Windgap artist drawing.

These upcycled white cotton eco t-shirts each feature a unique design. The hand drawn designs are digitally printed onto a pre-loved item. A unique partnership between Windgap, artists, Salvos stores and eco fashion columnist Faye De Lanty. 

100% of the sale of these shirts go directly to the artists.

Each upcycled item comes as is. 

Featuring Windgap Artist: Ralph

Ralph began drawing later on in life, under the impression that he couldn’t draw. Over the years, he has surprised himself by cultivating his artistic voice. Playfully, Ralph’s drawings can be interpreted in more ways than one. His love of life and connection to community features heavily in his art.